Hello there. I am Emma Frankart. I’m an outgoing, energetic, versatile journalist currently living in Columbus, Ohio. I work for Central Ohio Community Newspapers, specifically as an assistant editor for Columbus Monthly magazine and its ancillary publications, including Columbus Bride.

I grew up in several states New England, the Midwest and the South, though I lived in northern Ohio just before I graduated high school and left to attend college at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. There, I majored in magazine journalism, earning my BSJ in spring of 2010. My studies also emphasized English and philosophy, earning me a minor in the former.

I maintained a part- to full-time job throughout my four years in Athens, first in management with the college’s dining services, then as a shift supervisor at a local bar. In December of 2009, I picked up freelance work with TopTenREVIEWS, reviewing software, electronics and web services. In addition to working, I became deeply involved with several campus organizations, including two print magazines and the academic fraternities ALD and ODK.

After graduating, I moved to Columbus and eventually found work with CMH magazine, which is sadly now defunct. Fortunately, after a short freelance stint with the UWeekly newspaper, I was able to find employment with Columbus Monthly, which I enjoy very much.

When I’m not working, you’ll usually find me maintaining my lifestyle blog by trying new recipes, styling outfits, trying DIY crafts, updating code, shooting/editing photos and more. I also enjoy reading and sport rock climbing. I’d love to expand my hobbies to include more artistic photography and more advanced web design.

I am available for telecommute or Central Ohio-based freelance writing and editing assignments.

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